Tournaments Gone Wild

Late entrants hurry across a Fundy tidal flat during the 2013 Tidal Rush tournament to catch the quickly receding water and get lines in.
Big Winners: Robert Fitzrobert (right) stands with teammate Paddy McSmeeg who took home the Cuisinart Model 833 in last year's big Tidal Rush win.
Fearless and fanatical: That describes kayak tourney anglers like Pablo "El Cid" Cidanzo of Santa Barbara, California. While he was baiting a mere 10-foot tiger shark during practice fishing, this 14-foot white bullied its way to Cidanzo's bait just off Hawaii's Big Island.
New rule: If it's as long as the kayak, it's legal.
Descriptions of the Theme Slam World Challenge. Get ready.
What it takes to win a coveted Reptile Slam trophy! How many will actually have the skill, luck and air miles to do it?
Throw another in the fish box, boys! This tourney is not intended for squeamish or released-minded anglers.