Back It Up with Braid

High-tech line beneath the monofilament on your reels saves space and money

Even with 800 yards of backing, this reel can still fit 500 feet of 100-pound mono.Capt. Vincent Daniello
Poyer's mono-to-braid loop extends two layers of hollow braid to the mono.Capt. Vincent Daniello
The spool at left was stretched wider when compacted mono and braid expanded.Capt. Vincent Daniello
Poyer wraps the spool once with electrical tape, then wraps the braid three times around the arbor and ties with a uni-knot before spooling.Capt. Vincent Daniello
Poyer goes through a standard cat’s paw four times. Backing loop from Bimini must be large enough to accommodate a spool of mono.Capt. Vincent Daniello
Watch that your braid doesn’t bury itself into bulk spools.Capt. Vincent Daniello