Los Cabos Tourney Day 1

Day One from the 2011 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

Winning boat Chupacabra
Team Angelina's 408-pound black marlin caught by Jobe Villavicencio
Team Karma 3's 216-pound yellowfin tuna
Team Wild Hookers' 183.2-pound yellowfin tuna caught by Bo Godfrey
Team Chupacabra's 543-pound blue marlin caught by Horace Barge. This fish would go on to be a tournament winner.
lcbt day 2 red rum 28.5 doradopr.jpg

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament Day 2

Red Rum with the tournament's only qualifying dorado
lcbt day 2 fisherman 240 yellowfinpr.jpg

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament Day 2

Team Fisherman with its 240-pound yellowfin
lcbt day 2 karma 3 27 wahoopr.jpg

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament Day 2

Team Karma 3 with their qualifying wahoo.

Awards Night

Chupacabra's total tournament prize money winning's totaled $364,764.25. The team also holds a unique distinction of being one of few teams to fish every year of the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament.