Extreme Anchoring

A float ball and large ring make retrieving an anchor a snap from any depth.Jason Arnold / jasonarnoldphoto.com

Anchoring Accuracy: Compensating for Wind and Current

(1) Start at fishing Waypoint X; stop engines and drift. (2) Note course and distance drifted in two minutes. (3) Motor ahead reciprocal course and distance of two-minute drift; mark waypoint (X2) and drop anchor.(4) If, for example, the boat settles 200 feet southwest of original waypoint...(5)...motor ahead and drop anchor again 200 feet northeast of first anchor drop at X2; boat will drift back and settle just above fishing Waypoint X; current will carry bait final distance to waypointDavid Shepherd

Float Ball Anchor Retrieval

Step 1. Snap ring and float ball to anchor rode; drive past anchor at idle speed; float ball takes up slack and pulls anchor straight up.David Shepherd

Float Ball Anchor Retrieval

Step 2. Increase speed to around 10 mph until the anchor is caught by the retrieval ring.David Shepherd

Float Ball Anchor Retrieval

Step 3. Drive back toward the anchor, now floating on the water's surface, as you take up the rode.David Shepherd