Cover Wars! Pick the Best <em>SF</em> Cover: Championship Round

Pick from the top two in our readers' choice contest for the best Sport Fishing cover

Last week, you voted for your favorite covers out of SF's final four favorite covers. This week, it's our cover showdown as a behemoth black marlin faces off against the bass of a lifetime.

Click the Like button below the cover you prefer in the matchup below. Whichever gets the most votes wins the title of Best SF Cover!

MARCH 2013 Photographer: John Ashley

|## VS.|APRIL 2006 Photographer: Ethan Gordon


Now that you've cast your vote, see all Sport Fishing'_s magazine covers from the 1980s,1990s and 2000s. And check back next week to see who won our readers' choice contest for _SF's best cover of all time.