Buff [AS ONE] Collection Benefits Communities Hit by Natural Disasters

Series includes four custom headwear products designed for four different regions

Buff's new [AS ONE] protective headwear series benefits four regions impacted by natural disasters in 2017.Courtesy Buff

Santa Rosa, California — Buff, the creators of multifunctional performance headwear for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes, have announced the [AS ONE] Collection to support communities impacted by natural disasters in 2017.

The four custom Original BUFF Multifunctional Headwear products are designed specifically to support Northern and Southern California, Houston, the Florida Keys, and Puerto Rico. Buff Inc. is from Santa Rosa, California, part of the region devastated by wildfires. The other areas were hit by deadly hurricanes. All of the profits from the [AS ONE] collection will go to the American Red Cross for these four regions or cities.

Experiencing the destruction caused and heartache felt in their own neighborhood and beyond, Buff created the [AS ONE] series as a token of respect to similarly affected States and communities.

Buff, Inc. General Manager and Vice President, Shirley Choi Brunetti, described the collection as a way of "assisting others in need, showing that the human spirit is unbreakable when we work together and stay strong in the face of adversity.”

Each of the four designs in the series showcases the beauty of each region. Each product is $20 and the collection is available online at www.buffusa.com and will be sold through the holidays.