Stop the Insanity!

gulf rig

gulf rig

Condemned: The Dept. of Interior is destroying vibrant coral ecosystems throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

Anyone who follows this blog space at all must know that I am passionate about trying to save the Gulf of Mexico's phenomenal, unique and magnificent vertical system of living coral reefs from destruction at the bidding of our federal Department of the Interior.

That department, under Secretary Ken Salazar, went absurdly overboard in reacting to the oil spill when it declared that all decommissioned (“idle iron”) oil rigs and structures in the Gulf must be removed (typically blown to rubble with explosives) and hauled out within five years.

I would have to assume Mr. Salazar has never actually seen what he’s ordered destroyed. So I invite and urge him, here, along with everyone reading this, to take a few minutes to see this video, shot off Louisiana by Capt. Al Walker.

Get a really good look, Mr. Salazar. See what these living reefs -- that just happen to have built themselves over man-made metal -- look like; then, envision that space with nothing but empty water above a rubble-strewn bottom. Multiply that by at least 650 such reefs and contemplate what you’re removing from the marine environment. (While you’re at it, ask yourself why your own federal fisheries management council is working to list as Essential Fish Habitat the very thing you’re in the process of having destroyed.)

It’s certainly far beyond my ability to imagine why anyone, particularly anyone who purports to care about the environment, could order such vibrant reefs destroyed.

It's also beyond me how anyone could see this and do nothing to stop the insanity. Anyone reading this can, in about a minute, make his/her voice heard on the matter by clicking here.

This takes you to the Coastal Conservation Association's Grassroots Action Center where you can join the call for a moratorium on rig removals in the Gulf. Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.) is the latest to call for such a moratorium. He's presently circulating a letter to members of Congress, inviting them to join him in calling for a temporary moratorium on rig removals. More information is available at the CCA web site, also.

With one click on the link above, you can quickly send your support for this action to your senators and representative. I hope everyone who sees this message will do so.