Shark Attack — ON the Beach!

Chris Holmes loves the excitement of wade fishing. And he’ll never do it again.

Holmes is the executive director of the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association and a member of the Hobie Kayak Fishing Team.

That Holmes is also a kayak enthusiast is fortunate, since he intends to keep his butt parked in his yak in the future after seeing just how aggressive a lemon shark can be. He shared with me the amazing photos you see here, shots he took (from the safety of a little island) while fishing the northern Gulf’s Chandeleur Islands. Holmes says he just happened to be taking some scenic shots as walked the island, his hobie pulled up nearby, when “all hell broke loose.”

Shortly thereafter he watched — through the lens — this shark chase a hapless seatrout right onto the sand. Apparently the ploy saved the trout’s life since both fish flopped themselves back into the water and split in different directions.