Video: Monsters of the Marsh — Louisiana’s Winter Redfish

"Tucked away deep in the marsh and crushing big reds on light tackle" — that phrase from fishing photographer Eric Kulin in an email sent to me last week does a pretty effective job of summing up the slick five-minute video (below) that he put together following a visit to Venice, Louisiana. As Kulin discovered, winter weather can be pretty fickle, and when he and friend Rich Armstrong arrived in Venice, they couldn't find a guide who were very interested in planning an outing with a forecast of 30-knot winds.

Then, "We hooked up with Capt. Anthony Randazzo who had no problem getting us out to fish, so we drove down." When Kulin, next morning, cited the 30- to 40-knot winds forecast for the day, Randazzo assured him, "Of course we're fishing. Isn't that why y'all are here?" Over that day and a couple more (still generally windy if not quite as much so), Kulin and Armstrong discovered that Louisiana's marsh has plenty of protected places where big redfish prowl. Proof of that is in the video.

Fishing in Venice....