Video: Waving Tails and Flats Battles Signal Fine Fishing at the Seychelles

Indian Ocean islands tempt anglers looking for far-flung getaways

Sport Fishing contributor Paul Sharman, who lives in the UK, shared a video on Facebook today that got me thinking about potential travel destinations. If you're a sucker for waving sickle tails on the flats, you've got to see this — Amirante Tails, Fly Fishing in the Seychelles for GT, Permit and Bluefin Trevally, by Castaway Films:

Sharman, who has fished the Seychelles, says the Indian Ocean archipelago comprises one of the best flats fisheries in the world. Peak season is November to March.

I’m captivated by this island region and have been since I first saw photos from there in my scuba-diving days. Now, from above water, the number of quality fish this video shows jumpstarts my angling adrenaline.

I'm adding Seychelles to my list of future fishing destinations. If it makes yours, and you're ready to go — perhaps for a winter getaway — Sharman suggests contacting Frontiers Travel (U.S. site, UK/European site).