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August 19, 2010

Sport Fishing Knot Challenge

We tested 44 knots tied by readers to learn which braid-to-mono leader connection proved strongest

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Thanks to Capt. Simos, who submitted our winning improved FG knot, I can't claim that what I'm calling the improved bristol is the strongest knot you can tie to connect braid to mono. However, I suspect it's the strongest knot you can tie (even aboard a rocking boat) in less than a minute. In fact, there's not much to it. As shown below, once you've tied a loop (12-turn Bimini recommended) in the braid, simply run your leader's upper end through the bottom of the braid loop; then twist up and around the double braid. But before bringing the leader's tag end back down through that bottom loop, pinch the braid and leader at the top of the coils and work the leader back down for the same number of wraps. I find that five or six wraps (which means 10 to 12 total) often works well, depending on the size of the braid and leader (especially how great the difference is between the two) and the type and "grabbiness" of the braid.

Tying the Improved Bristol