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  • 02rt_BagPipes300.jpg
    By placing some 3-inch-diameter, 8-inch-long PVC tubes inside an inexpensive canvas tote bag, all my tools stand upright and remain well organized. Read More
  • 02rt_VacuumSealed300.jpg
    I laid my jigs in a bag and used the sealer to pack them tightly... Read More
  • 02rt_MarineBatteryCharge300.jpg
    Before I put batteries back into the boat, I take an additional step: I transport them to a local store that sells batteries and ask for a load test. Read More
  • 100-02gp_swivel.jpg
    This is the first time I've used this type of snap on my swivels, and now I'm not too sure about using them again... Read More
  • 11ut_rerig
    Sometimes the bite comes fast and furious, and success depends on how quickly you can re-rig. Read More
  • 11ut_winterways
    This process creates higher visibility in deeper water and causes the lure to hang lower Read More
  • 11ut_glup
    Cut the leftovers into small pieces with scissors and use the pieces to sweeten your bait-catching hooks. Read More
  • 09gg_spinning
    What happens when you turn the reel handle Read More
  • 09rt_warning
    I crimp a short piece of heavy mono to the clip's eye and crimp a snap swivel to the other end of the mono... Read More
  • 09rt_tennis
    Modest hand pressure against the tennis balls provided sufficient tension to firmly seat the line... Read More
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