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  • I've nailed 60-plus-pound wahoo and dolphin with this fast ballyhoo rig. Read More
  • Keep those trolling lures running right where you need them. Read More
  • When cutting off lures, I do so at least 6 or 8 inches above the knot. Read More
  • I've found that wiggly "limbs" on an otherwise plain plastic tail add to the appeal of a deep bait Read More
  • A method of rigging wire-line outfits in a way that would eliminate the need for hand lining long monofilament traces. Read More
  • 5_103_24056.jpg
    Dredges and Spreaders Entice Pelagic Game Fish to Step Up and Take Shots at the Bar Read More
  • After choosing the right leader, fitting the perfect sleeve and crimping it just right, don't just lop off the tag end with any old pair of fishing pliers. Many times over the years I have checked a bait that had just raised a looker only to find a tiny strand of weed stuck on the tag end of the connection. Did this piece of debris cause enough distraction for the fish not to bite? Read More
  • A small piece of tarp and some bungee cords will provide ventilation and rain protection to your cuddy cabin in rainstorms. Read More
  • Prevent snappers from stealing your bait with this double-hook rig. Read More
  • A reader suggests some minor alterations to a previously published kingfish rig. Read More
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