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  • Clutter is everywhere, but it doesn't have to be on your outrigger halyard. Most outrigger clips come with stainless-steel loops or rings at each end for attaching to your outrigger halyard. This requires that your halyard have a set of snaps to attach to these rings. To prevent twists, most people choose snaps with swivels attached. These snap swivels must be crimped onto the halyard monofilament with an aluminum sleeve. Read More
  • Use a football player's glare strips will ease the stress that is put on your eyes when fishing. Read More
  • Keep a lid on your Sabiki rigs with this homemade caddy. Read More
  • A dab of Shimano grease serves as sufficient waterproofing for Penn drag washers. Read More
  • A properly rigged flying fish can substitute when kite bait run out. Read More
  • Venezuela offers a new twist on the standard Bimini knot. Read More
  • One rubber band can eliminate the frustration of setting a planer. Read More
  • Bungee chords are the asnswer to safety chains that drag on the street. Read More
  • SFtips1bg.jpg
    Use a metal washer to make tighter haywire twists, and make a quick-change lure rig in the process. Read More
  • Your roller guides will always run smoothly if you follow these step-by-step maintenance instructions. Read More
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