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  • After catching a few fish, you feel the reel getting a little loose on the rod. Most crews reach for the channel locks to clamp the well-worn locking rings down on the reel seat, maybe leaving a couple dents and traces of metal shavings or, even worse, a shiny gouge and a pile of metal shavings. With a top-quality custom 80-pound trolling rod running upward of $1,000, I wouldn't think of having a pair of channel locks anywhere near my tackle. This is a job for a cloth strap wrench. Read More
  • 5_1_4_2753_Seq1440bg.jpg
    By applying some practical ingenuity, you'll never need a second person to guide your truck's hitch to the trailer. Read More
  • 5_1_4_2786_Seq1444bg.jpg
    This rig is intended for salmon anglers who want to fish a lighter line. Read More
  • Use a piece of PVC tube to leaders in top form. Read More
  • coolbg.jpg
    Throw a bag of ice in into livewells to extend your bait's life. That is, until you put a hook through its body and feed it to a bigger fish. Read More
  • While it won't make the beer colder, this do-it-yourself modification will extend your cool's life. Read More
  • Use a bottle cap to enhance a small lure's bubble trail. Read More
  • 5_1_4_3383_Seq1319bg.jpg
    Keep all your rigs safely stored awaywith this homemade organizer. All you need is a five-gallon bucket, lid, 10-feet of rope, and a drill. Read More
  • I keep my leaders looped using the plastic spiral wrap designed to gather electrical wiring into manageable bundles. Read More
  • SFdiawabg.jpg
    Create enough artificial tension to make respooling a one-man job. Read More
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