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  • 5_1_4_2563_Seq1318bg.jpg
    Try a new bait rig for targetting blue marlin. Read More
  • There's no perfect trolling pattern, but there are many ways to improve your trolling. Study these key points that professionals use. Read More
  • 5_1_4_2732_Seq1327bg.jpg
    From corking your bottle of bubbly to creating an irresistible bubble trail, get twice the enjoyment out of a champagne cork. Read More
  • Spring-loaded, metal objects were never meant to go anywhere near the salt water. Learn how to protect your scale from a slow, rusting death. Read More
  • 5_1_4_2748_Seq1442bg.jpg
    Improvise a grub-holder that will keep artificial bats from sliding off a starndard saltwater hook. Read More
  • 5_1_4_2750_Seq1441bg.jpg
    Eliminate the excess play of Albright knots in a wire/mono connection by using a haywire twist. Read More
  • A palomar is an easy alternative to the standard clinch knot for tying a swivel. Read More
  • 5_1_4_2785_Seq1445bg.jpg
    That's just our luck, an Alaskan angler is telling us how to tie a Mexican knot. Read More
  • After choosing the right leader, fitting the perfect sleeve and crimping it just right, don't just lop off the tag end with any old pair of fishing pliers. Many times over the years I have checked a bait that had just raised a looker only to find a tiny strand of weed stuck on the tag end of the connection. Did this piece of debris cause enough distraction for the fish not to bite? Read More
  • Capt. Bob Rodgers uses this system to prevent the anchor of his small skiff from getting in the way. Read More
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