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  • A reader suggests some minor alterations to a previously published kingfish rig. Read More
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  • Warning: your wife will become nervous when she sees you buying cases of Lemon Pledge. Read More
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  • Foam drink coolers can insulate reels from shocks encountered while traveling. Read More
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  • A short piece of garden hose can become safe storage for your SeaWitch lures. Read More
  • Clutter is everywhere, but it doesn't have to be on your outrigger halyard. Most outrigger clips come with stainless-steel loops or rings at each end for attaching to your outrigger halyard. This requires that your halyard have a set of snaps to attach to these rings. To prevent twists, most people choose snaps with swivels attached. These snap swivels must be crimped onto the halyard monofilament with an aluminum sleeve. Read More
  • Shorten the length of your main lure's leader to avoid losing strikes to a bird teaser. Read More
  • Here's a cheap alternative to the standard Barracuda lure. Read More
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