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  • Q: Anyone who has cleaned and examined the stomach contents of a wahoo has come across one of these critters. The wahoo I cleaned recently had two of them. What are they and how do they live in a harsh environment like the digestive tract of a fish? Are they harmful to the fish? And how does a pelagic fish like a wahoo encounter an internal parasite to begin with? - Scott Kerrigan, Wilton Manors, FloridaA: These are "giant stomach worms" of the genus Hirudinella, which reach sizes up to 8 inches long. I have seen them also in the stomachs of tunas caught in the Gulf of Mexico. Read More
  • Years of bottom fishing on my charter boat have helped me develop a simple, cheap, convenient and quick terminal rig for grouper. Read More
  • SFoiltipbg.jpg
    An easy-to-make solution for cleaning the oil and fuel in your bilge. Read More
  • When fish get selective, I've found that a saltwater fly used as a trolling lure often results in solid hookups on light line. Read More
  • SFweelesstipbg.jpg
    Here's a quick way to make your soft casting plugs weedless. Read More
  • slidetipbg.jpg
    How to make simple, inexpensive sliders for bottom fishing. Read More
  • leaderbg.gif
    Use large crimps and short sections of mono to create a simple, safe and strong leader. Read More
  • Avoid the extra cost of buying black circle hooks for tuna. Read More
  • This sinker storage unit can be found in almost any kitchen. Read More
  • 5_1_4_6514_Seq3027bg.jpg
    I've found that most hook-sets don't align straight behind the lure due to the rough angles and edges caused by the crimp. Read More
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