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October 26, 2001

Tag-Line Release Clip

Using kite clips with your outrigger spreads makes for an automatic release upon strikes.

Every year or so a diehard fisherman comes up with a better way to fish with tag lines. Tag lines are sections of 400- or 500-pound mono (usual length should extend from the top of the second spreader on the outrigger to your fighting chair) to help reduce drop-back. The crew members of the Pat Sea VI of Stuart, Florida, have been successfully using a tag-line method that speeds up the setup time and provides a consistent release on the strike.
Instead of putting a snap swivel at the end of the tag line, try using a Blacks release clip made for kites. Kite clips work best because they don't have halyard hardware at each end like outrigger clips.
Pass the end of your tag line through the holes in the back of the kite clip, make a tight loop, and crimp. When using your tag lines, put a waxed thread or Dacron loop on your main line and snap into the clip. Now when you get a strike, the clip releases the line at the proper tension. Because you use preset loops with this method, on a missed bite or when setting your lines back out, there's no fooling around with rubber bands or trying to determine the proper distance to set the lures.
Sam Talbert
Vero Beach, Florida