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September 16, 2011

Sport Fishing Line Test 2011

How 76 different 20-pound fishing lines stack up in break- and knot-strength testing

Cost Per Yard

The greatest variation for the 76 lines came in the category of cost. As you might expect, you’ll pay the most for fluorocarbon leader and then for fluoro main lines. Most of the latter run from 7 or 8 cents per yard to more than 30 cents (though I found Yo-Zuri Hybrid for 3 cents per yard).

Braids usually run a good bit more than monofilaments; I found most monos ­available from 5 cents to less than 1 cent per yard.

The most expensive leader was Seaguar Fluoro Premier, at 48 cents per yard. The priciest monofilament main line was Hi-Seas Quattro, at 13 cents per yard. Among braided lines, Daiwa’s Samurai Braid came in as most expensive, at 20 cents per yard. On the bargain side, five monofilaments came in at a penny per yard (in fact, a bit less since the chart rounds up to 1 cent) and, among braids, Bass Pro’s Magibraid was least costly at 7 cents per yard.

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