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October 26, 2001

A Skirt Up Your Squid

Adding a skirt to your squid rig will make the bait last longer and ride better in the water.

This squid rig offers excellent durability yet isn't hard to put together. It offers several advantages over most squid rigs that I've seen, including the following: 1) The hook is inserted between the eyes of the squid (instead of through them), making it virtually weedless; 2) A 1/4-ounce lead keeps the squid just below or right on the surface;
3) The red skirt helps keep the rig from pulling through the squid and also gives the squid a reddish color - just like the colors displayed by a living squid that has been alarmed.
Start by connecting the hook to your leader with a haywire twist. Finish the haywire with an extended barrel wrap (the length of which is determined by the length of your squid).
To determine where to crimp the sinker, lay the rig next to the squid with the hook positioned between the squid's eyes. Crimp the sinker onto the leader where the end of the squid's mantle touches the leader. Next, slide a red or pink skirt over the wire and down onto the sinker, and haywire an end loop onto the leader.
Lay the completed rig next to the squid and make sure the skirt doesn't extend beyond the squid's mantle; if it does, trim down the skirt. Connect the rigging needle to the leader and insert the needle between the mantle and squid's body. Thread the leader through the body of the squid until the sinker and skirt are positioned at the tip of the mantle and insert the hook between the squid's eyes.
This rig has proved deadly running from either a flat line or outrigger on dolphin, sailfish and tunas.
Mike Malinowski
Hypoluxo, Florida