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October 26, 2001

Natural Ballyhoo Teaser

Rigging a completely natural teaser can be easier than you thought.

I have tried many different methods to rig natural teasers, and this one is by the far the best I've found. First, take a 14-foot section of 300-pound mono and thread on six baseline snap swivels with crimps. (I get mine from Offshore Angler, 800-4-OFFSHORE.) Crimp a loop in one end, and then skip 4 feet down the leader (to allow your chain to hang in the water better) and crimp the first swivel. Crimp the remaining five swivels at 2-foot intervals.
Use 1-foot sections of 130-pound mono to make the lines each teaser bait will run on. Thread on a bait spring and 1/4-ounce lead weight, then crimp a loop in one end and wire pin on the other. Rig your ballyhoo with the bait spring and pin like you normally would and clip the mono to the snap swivel on the main teaser line.
The main benefit to this system is the speed at which you can replace damaged teaser baits. Just keep a half-dozen extra rigs ready to snap on the main line. This teaser works best when run from the rigger with the first ballyhoo of the teaser lying right behind the flat-line bait.
Capt. Mike Behney
Indian River, Delaware