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October 26, 2001

Bimini Mono-Wire Wrap

Eliminate the excess play of Albright knots in a wire/mono connection by using a haywire twist.

Using wire traces at the end of a mono line means fewer break-offs when toothy fish show up, but we've found that even the best Albright knot yields only 60 to 80 percent strength for connecting mono to wire.
Here's a nearly 100 percent connection that we call our Bimini wire wrap. We found that starting with a haywire twist gives the mono something to grip, unlike the standard Albright rig, which lets the mono slip, resulting in cut lines. Since this knot is actually a wrap, it doesn't cut itself.
1. Start by making a tight haywire twist at least 1 inch long in the leader wire.
2. Pass the mono through the wire loop and wrap all the way up the haywire twist, then back down again.
3. Finish with a half-hitch around each side of the wire loop, then a half-hitch around both knots, outside the loop. Lubricate with saliva, pull very tight and trim the mono.

- Greg Cousins
Bimini Tackle Shop
Pompano Beach, Florida