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October 26, 2001

Beer Can Teaser

This Sanford and Son lure will satify the recyclist in everyone.

Here's a little trick I learned while fishing the Bahamas Billfish Championship in Harbour Island, Bahamas. First, pop the tab off the shiniest beverage can you can find. Then drill or poke a 1/2-inch hole through the center of the can's top and bottom. Next, take apart a Bic (or similar style) pen, discarding all the pieces except for the tubular body section. Run the body of the pen through the holes you punched in the can until the pen protrudes slightly out of both ends.
Place 6 to 12 ounces of lead weight in the can through the drinking hole. Try to distribute the weights evenly, except for a little more weight in the top (the drinking end) of the can. While holding the pen firmly in the middle of the can, fill the can with expanding insulation foam through the drinking hole, making sure the foam doesn't clog the pen. Wipe off any excess foam that expands out of the can.
Cut the tops off two large plastic skirts (10 to 16 inches long), leaving just 1/4 inch of head to hold the skirts together. Cut a vertical slit in the side of each skirt to allow them to wrap around the can. Attach the skirts to the can with 5200 marine sealant and let dry.
Finally, run at least 40 feet of 100- to 400-pound mono through the pen and crimp the ends so it can't pull through the can. Pull the can as you would any teaser. The concave bottom puts up a huge ruckus and raises plenty of fish - enough for us to win first place in the Bahamas Billfish Championship.
Wes Collins
Morehead City, North Carolina