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February 04, 2008

Rigging Squid that Swords Can't Resist

A Sport Fishing Web Exclusive!

These two fresh baits account for the capture of most northern Gulf broadbill these days. One of the more proficient riggers, Capt. Chris Vecsey at Top Gun Tackle in Orange Beach, Alabama, goes through his process, step by step, for Sport Fishing readers. 


Easy bridle squid rig:

This is one of the easiest rigs to make. It requires very little materials or rigging experience and holds up very well in strong currents. There are other ways to rig squid that provide a longer lasting bait, I'll admit I use some of these as well, but they require more time and materials which for the novice or expert angler are not always available or convenient in a rocking boat.


Required materials:

200-300 pound leader material (cut to desired length; I use 15 feet)
Appropriate sized sleeves; it takes three to complete rig
Rigging floss
Rigging needle
9/0-11/0 Mustad 7699 hook - depending on bait size



1.Thread leader through squid at tip of mantle exiting just above head, it is easiest if you make small hole with needle first  
2. Attach hook to leader using offshore loop  
3. Thread the hook through the head exiting through beak  
4. Pull until offshore loop is securely in head. The bulk of this loop holds hook in place without extra stitching  
5. Attach floss just ahead of sleeve crimped at tip of mantle  
6.Start a box stitch by pushing needle through squid just below tip of mantle on dorsal side of squid  
7. pull floss through squid and reinsert about 1 in. below first passing through squid again  
8. Pull through and pass back through original entry forming a square shaped stitch  
9. Finish by tying floss to sleeve with several half hitches.