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September 07, 2010

Pros' 12 Knot-Tying Tips

Recommendations for a perfect connection...

1. Tighten every knot, all the way.
This was recommendation No. 1 for many pros. Anyone who fishes braid should have gloves handy and pull every knot until it can't get any tighter.

"Especially with knots involving braid, be sure to completely tighten your knots. The vast majority of knot failures are due to the angler not ­tightening/snugging them up ­properly." - Jeff Pierce

"Most braid-knot failures result from not pulling the knot tight on the initial tie. I take a few wraps around one of the rocket launchers on the back of my leaning post to pull the fluoro until the braid end of the knot comes very tight." Tighten completely with slow, steady pressure. - Richie Gaines


2. Keep wraps from overlapping while tying knots in braid.
Tie slowly and carefully, making sure the coils slide evenly when tightening. - Dan Kipnis, Ken Roy, Ken Neill, Al McGlashan, Andy Mezirow and others


3. Leave a bit of tag end and use it when snugging up knots.
Leave a small tag end to give you some purchase so you can you grab it and pull with the knot when ­tightening. - Pat Dineen

Braid knots may still draw up (tighten) further in use, so leaving some extra tag end may offer a bit of insurance (also, soft braid won't snag things as will stiffer mono). - Bernie Schultz

Pull main line and tag end(s) alternately when tightening; "braid has a tendency to tighten unevenly, leaving loose wraps." - Steve Byrne


4. Lubricate every knot before tightening.
Some anglers make the mistake of assuming braid won't benefit from a bit of saliva as does mono, but you should still wet 'em down. - Mike Weinhofer, Craig Angelini


5. Use more wraps with braid than with mono.Chris Myers, others