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September 07, 2010

Pros' 12 Knot-Tying Tips

Recommendations for a perfect connection...

6. Exception to Number 5:
With a Bimini, fewer turns (than the standard 20-plus) are better, say Temple and Mossman (the latter uses 10 turns and has done exhaustive machine testing to conclude that is optimal).

7. Connect braid to a single-strand steel bite leader either by using a small swivel or by tying to a mono leader and connecting the mono to the wire via an Albright.

A few experts indicated they would tie braid directly to a wire bite leader with an Albright, but most chose not to do so.

8. Consider making wind-ons.
"Mono spliced into the same line-class Dacron and connected to the double [braided] line with a loop-to-loop knot passes through the guides nicely, especially when casting." - Laurie Wright


9. Consider using a Dacron-sock chafe guard over braid knots where possible.Allen DeSilva


10. Keep in mind that braids differ in composition and "feel," and a knot that works well with one type of braid may not work with another.Brent Gaskill


11. Check your knots frequently for abrasion.
Failing to do so regularly can lead to some "real heartbreakers when you hook a great fish." - Andy Mezirow


12. Ultimately, keep it simple and use what works.
"Pick a knot that works [for you] and stick with it! You should be able to tie it with your eyes closed." - Steve Byrne

"Just learn to tie two or three good knots with ­consistency, and you'll never have a problem." - Brent Gaskill