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August 07, 2006

Going for Broke

Actual Breaking Point Results

At the Breaking Point / Going for Broke / Braid Knots / Results / Conclusions


The tensile-strength chart tells the story. And that story, especially for "20-pound" braided lines, is striking in just how widely brands vary. Sufix Performance Braid comes closest to breaking as stated, at 23.4 pounds - barely over the IGFA's allotted 22.2-pound break for the 20-pound line class (which is really the 10-kilogram class that converts to 22.2 pounds). At the other end of the strength spectrum is Berkley's 20-pound Fireline, which popped at 54.5 pounds on average.


 Manufacturer  Line Color  Actual Break (Lbs.)  % Rated Strength Variance
Berkley Fireline black & flo-green 54.5   273%  H
Triple FishBully Braid Moss green  46.3  232%  L
Cortland Master Braid Emerald green  41.6   208%  L
Cortland Spectron white  41.3  207%  L
SpiderWire Stealth green  39.7  199%  L
Stren Super Braid hi-vis gold  37.6  188%  L
SpiderWire Spiderline Moss green  35.7  179%  L
Ande Braidfluoresc yellow  34.6  173%  L
Western Filament Tuf Line black & white  34.5  173%  L
Western Filament Tuf Line XP green  33.8  169%  L
PowerPro Superline Moss green  33.0  165%  L
Platypus Bionic Braid pink  31.5  158%  L
Izorline Spectra green  30.5  153%  L
Offshore Angler Magibraid green  30.0  150%  M
Cabela's Ripcord Si Plus green  27.6  138%  L
Sufix Performance Braid lo-vis green  23.4  117%  L
      Standard deviation: 0-3 = L (low), 3+-6 = M (moderate), 6+ = H (high)

Among 50-pound lines, Cortland's Spectron made the top of the list, breaking at 83.7 pounds on average, while at the low end sits the one superbraid tested that actually broke within its line class: Stren, at 46.8 pounds. 

It's also worth noting the variation of the breaking point among the five tests. I calculated the standard deviation, then categorized the results as high, moderate or low based on a "visual curve" on looking over the range of deviation. Of course less deviation is more desirable since it indicates line that breaks more consistently. For example, Ande's 20-pound braid had relatively high variance, breaking as low as 24.4 pounds and as high as 39.3 pounds. Most 20-pound lines broke with minimal variation and none more so than Cabela's Ripcord Si, which varied just 1.5 pounds over five tests.

Lines in the 50-pound group proved a bit more consistent overall. No line showed a high rate of variance, though Spiderwire Stealth was close, varying from 61.8 to 74.4 pounds in our tests. On the other hand, some brands broke within just 2 or 3 pounds over the five tests.


 Manufacturer   Line  Color Actual Break (Lbs.)  % Rated Strength  Variance
 Cortland Spectron green  83.7   167%   M
 Sufix Performance Braid   Hi-vis Yellow  71.4  143%  L
 Cabela's Ripcord Si Plus green  68.6  137%  M
 Cabela's Ripcord Sifluorescent yellow  67.7  135%   M
 SpiderWire StealthTracer yellow  65.9  132%  M
 PowerPro1 SuperlineMoss green & white  64.8  130%  M
 Platypus Super-Braid green  64.3  129%  L
Western Filament Tuf Line black & white  63.7  127%  M
Berkley Gorilla Tough Camo 62.4  125%  L
Offshore Angler Magibraid green  61.1  122%  L
 Ande Braid green  58.4  117%  L
 Western Filament Tuf Line XP green  58.2  116%  L
 Izorline Spectra  Naturally White  55.8  112%  L
SpiderWire Spiderline Moss Green  55.0  110%  L
      Standard deviation: 0-3 = L (low), 3+-6 = M (moderate), 6+ = H (high)

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At the Breaking Point / Going for Broke / Braid Knots / Results / Conclusions