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Long-range anglers battle with wahoo at Alijos Rocks.

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  • The local fishermen net these regularly off the south coast of Tanzania, on the east coast of Africa. This one was still twitching when I photographed it. Do you have any idea what it might be? Read More
  • I have been fishing the waters of Long Island Sound my whole life. Over the summer while fluke fishing, I noticed that in each area we fished, the fluke were different colors. How come? Read More
  • Lookdowns are truly the epitome of the flat shape. But they're just the last step in the evolution of this design among the jacks. Read More
  • Here is a photo of a strange fish that a friend in Europe sent me. No one knows what kind of fish it is or where it was caught or if it was even caught in salt water. Read More
  • We found several of these strange crablike creatures hanging on our lines while tuna fishing in the canyons off Rhode Island. Read More
  • African pompano aren't really pompano at all. True pompano belong to the genus Trachinotus. Most seldom grow to more than a few pounds. Read More
  • Pompano 368 1 main page image
    How a top skipper ambushes big African pompano on Miami wrecks each winter. Read More
  • Why are some sharks good to eat (like the mako) and most others inedible? Read More
  • I photographed these creatures swimming around the lights on my dock. I have no idea what they are, but they look like they are from outer space. What are they? Read More
  • Carolina Hake
    I caught this fish in about 40 feet of water over some old army tanks off Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. They resemble some of the cod that we used to catch up north in the cold water, but I haven't found anyone who has seen them before. Read More
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