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  • Q: I caught this yellow-eyed snapper in 850 feet of water off Great Isaac's Bank in the Bahamas. Do you have any information on this fish? - Tom Bovier, Boca Raton, FloridaA: It looks like you caught a silk snapper (Lutjanus vivanus) with its distinctive, bright yellow iris. Silk snapper live from North Carolina to Brazil, including the Bahamas, along rocky ledges in 300 to 800-plus feet of water. Silks are entirely pinkish-red, shading to whitish below. Read More
  • Why do some seasons host greater numbers of gamefish than others? Read More
  • Although it is considered a deformity in some billfish, a short or curved bill poses little harm it the animal's well-being. Read More
  • As a snapper gets older, its growth may slow down but it's reproductivity increases. Read More
  • Gray Snapper Growth AGE AVG. LENGTH (YEARS) (INCHES) 2 11.1 4 16.1 6 18.3 8 21.0 10 23.0 14 24.4 18 25.0 22 29.2 Read More
  • While keeping a scale for souvenir purposes is a good alternative to killing a tarpon, we don't recommend handling a large fish any more than necessary. Read More
  • Is it possible for bonefish for live as reef fish Read More
  • Find out what seperates a spearfish from other billfish. Read More
  • An expert responds to a Washington Post article that reported illnesses that were caused by marlin meat. Read More
  • The ocellated frogfish hunts prey with a lure of its own. Read More
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