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Fish Species

Featured Articles
  • Q: I'm interested in the wreckfish pictured in a recent Sport Fishing article on deepwater fishing (November/ December 1997). What exactly is a wreckfish? Is it a type of cod, or is it a local name for a more unusual species? Are they found only in the Atlantic, or can we find them in the Pacific as well? - Tony Pauker, Santa Monica, CaliforniaA: The wreckfish (Polyprion americanus) is a temperate bass of the family Percichthyidae, along with relatives that include striped bass of the U.S. Atlantic coast and giant sea bass of the California-Baja coasts. Read More
  • Many game fish can exist in fresh and salt water. Read More
  • Blacktip sharks are often confused for spinners because they share the same defensive maneuvers. Read More
  • How many snappers can you name? Compare your answers with those of Sport Fishing's expert. Read More
  • Is there any difference between the striped marlin found off the Pacific coast of Mexico and those found on the other side of the Pacific? Read More
  • Tidal changes are influenced by many factors other than lunar position. Read More
  • A reader found a rare occurance of a disease found in tuna called white cloud. Read More
  • The jack mackerel can be caught both inshore and offshore. Read More
  • This New Zealand fish is actually a mackeral. Read More
  • You can predict ocean waves by applying standard weather information to a formula. Read More
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