Species Indepth: Wahoo

Although blue marlin represent the holy grail of big-game fish, catching wahoo and tuna is fun for the whole family. Every year, the Bermuda charter boats begin their season by chasing wahoo in late spring. By May, the action can be downright frantic, with boats catching 200 or so fish a month. Wahoo are among the fastest fish in the ocean, and their torpedo-shaped bodies are flanked with brilliant stripes. Wahoo are also among the best eating fish you can find, so make sure to get a few fillets for the grill. But be wary of the wahoo’s jaws. Their teeth are razor-sharp and can inflict serious damage. The wahoo here can grow to more than 100 pounds, and on good days, the local boats will haul in up to 600 pounds of fish. If a fight with that much toothy predator doesn’t sound exciting enough, just wait until those wahoo steaks hit the grill!