Bermuda Fishing

Although it’s completely coincidental that Bermuda is shaped liked a fishhook, this cluster of islands has been hooking deep-sea anglers for years. Situated some 650 miles due east of North Carolina, Bermuda earned its spot in the big-game fisherman’s playbook decades ago by providing quick access to some of the very best big-game fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. And the fish in Bermuda are no slouches. In the world of big-game fishing, three species take the cake in terms of size, power and mystique: marlin, tuna and wahoo. Visitors to Bermuda will find all three of these species just offshore. When your aching muscles need a break from the big-game action, but you still have the itch to fish, continue your adventures with a less-strenuous but still-challenging inshore fishing trip. Anglers who spend some time poking around the edges of the island will discover not only first-class bonefishing, but perhaps the world’s only flats fishing for hogfish as well.