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October 04, 2005

New at HI-SEAS

HI-SEAS has been providing serious fishermen with the finest line, rigging products and accessories for over a quarter-century.

HI-SEAS has been providing serious fishermen with the finest line, rigging products and accessories for over a quarter-century. This season, HI-SEAS is proud to offer anglers new GRAND SLAM High Performance fishing line and new FLUOROCARBON leader.

From ultralight to big game, GRAND SLAM line and leader is up to the challenge! Its formulation provides high-impact strength, excellent abrasion resistance and superior knot strength. It's equally at home on conventional and spinning tackle. Every yard is computer-checked for consistent diameter and breaking strength to provide you with an unequalled level of performance - performance you can rely on. GRAND SLAM line is available on filler spools, 1¼4-, 1-, 2- and 5-pound spools ranging from 6- to 400-pound test in clear, green, pink, fluorescent yellow and smoke blue. GRAND SLAM Premium Leader is available on 50-yard bracelets and 100-yard coils in 20-pound to 730-pound test in clear and black.

With more than a decade of producing camouflage monofilament and leader material, HI-SEAS is proud to introduce the next step in line invisibility with new FLUOROCARBON - the first fluorocarbon good enough to carry the HI-SEAS name! It's made from 100-percent polyvinylidene fluoride and extruded using cutting-edge technology that gives it just the right combination of properties to make it the finest leader material you can buy. In a linear form, HI-SEAS FLUOROCARBON has a light refraction index close to that of water. This means it deflects light at the boundary between the line's surface and the surrounding water, so it effectively blends in and becomes extremely difficult to see. Less visibility equals more strikes even from notoriously leader-shy predators with keen eyesight. You'll still get the benefits of using a leader - a stronger hook connection, increased abrasion resistance and excellent impact protection. It comes packaged in generous 25-yard lengths and priced to make performance affordable. Get invisible with new HI-SEAS 100-percent FLUOROCARBON!

When it comes to quality line, rigging products, and accessories, the pros count on and choose HI-SEAS when the money's on the line. You can count on HI-SEAS on every fishing trip.