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October 04, 2005

Berkley Big Game

When things get wild - like when there's a tuna the size of a Volkswagen at the end of your line - it pays to have power on your side.

When things get wild - like when there's a tuna the size of a Volkswagen at the end of your line - it pays to have power on your side. Tuna anglers fully understand that you need a line with the strength and toughness to meet any challenge. Bluefin, albacore or yellowfin, it doesn't matter: They can all cramp your forearms, burn up drags, tear up tackle and snap lines if you're not prepared for battle.

Berkley's Big Game® offers the muscle and shock strength to handle the worst punishment. It features an abrasion-resistant formula that runs through the guides with less friction and a smoother drag, yet it has the power to handle big fish.

Sometimes a battle with a really large tuna can last for more than an hour. It's not uncommon for the line to pass against and rub the hull of the boat while under extreme tension - which often results in a lost fish. This is where Berkley Big Game rises above other saltwater monofilaments with its superior resistance to abrasion.

When tuna get finicky, bait presentation becomes critical. Getting the bait away from the boat and rigging it to swim freely will increase your chances. Line flexibility really pays off here. Berkely Big Game allows a natural presentation; you can also drop down in line size, if necessary, because of superior power and shock resistance. The flexibility of Berkley Big Game also helps anglers cast farther.

According to Mark Friedman, Berkley fishing line product manager, technology is the key to designing and developing a superior monofilament. The company maintains a staff of nine polymer chemists, chemical engineers and other scientists.

Based on Berkley's research, Friedman outlines five main attributes or features that make Berkley Big Game ideal for saltwater fishing.

Strength: In tensile-strength tests, Berkley Big Game outperformed Ande and Maxima. Diameter for diameter, Berkley Big Game is 30 percent stronger than other saltwater monofilaments.

Shock resistance: Berkley Big Game has been designed to withstand the initial impact of a big-fish bite and the subsequent runs and lengthy battles that tuna can demonstrate.

Abrasion resistance: Berkley Big Game really gives the angler an edge with 25 percent more abrasion resistance than other saltwater monos. That can mean the difference between big tuna and big tuna stories.

Flexibility: Because Berkley Big Game is more flexible than comparable lines, anglers can use virtually any knot. Flexibility allows baits to swim more freely.

Clarity: Because of its crystal-clear color and transparent light diffusion, Berkley Big Game is virtually undetectable to tuna. Hold Berkley Big Game up to the light and compare it against any other monofilament. The difference is immediately apparent.