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155 Results for "Accurate fishing"
Does Pink Stink?

, and I wanted to gauge what you thought about the overwhelming flood of pink products for women anglers (and hunters) on the market these days. Rather than repeat what Tammy has accurately summarized, I have posted a link to her blog in our forum discussion on pink products within Sport Fishing's Female Anglers' Forum . Visit ... Read More

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report - 2/21/10

retrieve is key. I tend to use brighter colors for low light situations such as chartreuse flake w/red tail or golden glow with the fire tail. The fly fishing has been relatively good this week. Throughout the winter, smaller flies and accurate presentations will still be the key. My most productive fly of the week by far was the Bruja Crab. Several fish were also caught on black crab flies ... Read More

Mosquito Lagoon Florida Fishing Report

should find redfish. Always pay close attention to the birds location and any sort of bait movement. These are important signs to help locate fish. The fly fishing has been relatively good this week. Throughout the winter, smaller flies and accurate presentations will be the key. The best producers of the week have been the Bruja Crab(my recent favorite), a gold or black tinsel Toad, or any crab ... Read More

Anglers to Play Critical Role in Bluefin Tuna Study

where each fish was tagged and recaptured. Results from this international program, funded by NOAA and ICCAT, will help bluefin scientists produce more accurate estimates of the degree of mixing between eastern and western Atlantic bluefin tuna populations and contribute to improved bluefin management and stock rebuilding efforts. For more information, visit the Large Pelagics Research ... Read More

Inside Two-Speed Reels

 customer. “There’s a place for a two-speed and a place for a one-speed,” explains Ben Secrest, vice president of sales and marketing at Accurate Fishing Products. “There’s no need for a two-speed for white seabass. Same goes for striped marlin and sailfish. They don’t pull hard enough. You want a two-speed for a fish that goes down and stays down, like amberjack, tunas and big halibut.” But even that logical ... Read More

Exclusive Interview: Obama Talks Fisheries

to have longer and more predictable seasons. Management based on sound science is the best way to strike a balance between those who rely on these waters today and those who will use them tomorrow. In order to achieve this balance, we are assessing fish stocks more frequently, consulting with fishermen and other local experts, and getting more accurate counts as a result. When science shows increases ... Read More

. Without you I would still be trying to make an impression in the industry. You have helped us little guys immensely and we really appreciated all the support. I know what every lies ahead of you that god is with you. If there is anything I can do for you please don't hesitate. I am always around brother. Ben Secrest Accurate Fishing Products Andy, I can only ... Read More

Get a Grip!

that anglers may not use every trip, but will certainly appreciate when the need arises: a split-ring opener. Manufacturers of top-end reels such as Accurate, Alutecnos and Van Staal apply their metalworking experience toward crafting extraordinary fishing pliers. These tools cost from $135 to more than $200. What does that much cash buy? Most importantly, you get a precision tool with a useful life span ... Read More

Guatemala Fishing Report March 23rd 2010

- they reported passing landing their 1000th sailfish in Guatemala, so they are both doing it right and timing it well (and of course keeping count accurately!!). Sure enough, they turned up again just as the moon was turning and had several fun filled days of pretty much nonstop fishing action with fish in the teasers consistently throughout the day. They also managed to hook and release a good sized marlin ... Read More

seafood consumers." features information about 50 of the most commonly harvested and farmed species that are consumed in the United States. The species-specific pages offer the most accurate information available on population size, annual landings, management goals and milestones, life history and habitat, fishing practices, photos, factoids, and nutritional content. The public ... Read More

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