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190 Results for "Accurate fishing"
Strange Bedfellows Can Make for Good Fisheries Management

Deep Thoughts Fisheries management is an inherently difficult process. Obtaining timely and accurate biological and catch data can be challenging enough. Then there’s dealing with the major stakeholder groups that oftentimes have differing opinions on how a fishery should ... Read More

for determining the recreational catch of saltwater fish. Using this new method, NOAA recalculated catch data (from dockside and phone surveys) going back to 2004. The resulting updated catch rates — some higher, some lower and some about the same — will ensure more accuracy in building stock assessments and managing recreational fishing, NOAA says. “We’ll be working with the regional fishery management ... Read More

Tagging Mako Sharks off Mexico

Harvey Research Institute (GHRI) at Nova Southeastern University , tagged mako sharks with the satellite reporting SPOT tags. Unlike the more commonly used pop-up satellite PAT tags, SPOT tags should provide multiple and more accurate daily detections, providing scientists with a high resolution view of the migration patterns of this animal. Given the high fishing pressure on makos ... Read More

Fantastic Sight Fishing for Redfish on the Flats of Mosquito Lagoon

fly or lure. The last few trips have been spent stalking tailing fish with light tackle spinning gear and fly rods. The big key to success has been a Stealthy, Patient & quiet approach with an accurate presentation. Casting accuracy remains paramount in these scenarios. An errant or off-target cast may result in a blown school of tailing fish. This will make the rapid heart rate ... Read More

 Release of Gigantic Blue Marlin Off Bermuda Caught on Video

what a dead grander marlin looks like, a few of us from having seen one hanging upside down from a gantry or scale, an end most degrading for one of the world’s greatest and most magnificent predators. Many more of us have seen “dead hangers” on the internet or in magazines (though not Sport Fishing)  for many, many years. On the other hand, we have had the chance to see few huge marlin caught ... Read More

boat and skiff as well. Editorial Content Material in Sport Fishing should provide useful information about saltwater fishing which is (1) new/fresh/different; (2) specific/in-depth and (3) accurate. Concepts behind all queries should meet these criteria. Please don't submit an idea that has been written about by us and/or similar publications. FIND A FRESH IDEA OR A FRESH ANGLE ... Read More

A Very Personal Secret to Sight Fishing

Check this box to hide this item in search results. Like most anglers, I enjoy sight casting to fish — an activity fraught with nervous excitement and even anxiety, but full of soul-mending gratification. To properly sight cast, an angler needs good vision aided by properly polarized sunglasses. I thought I had both. Turns out I didn’t. During ... Read More

A New Era is Emerging for Collection of Recreational Catch Data

Statistical Survey, or MRFSS. MRFSS estimated recreational catch data by two primary means: 1) Angler intercepts at likely locations such as docks, piers and ramps; and 2) Phone calls. Both of these methods had issues. First, NMFSS and state agencies did not have nearly enough personnel to adequately cover recreational fishing locations. Think about it. How many times have you been talked to by a state ... Read More

Featured Report: Standing Up For Giants

't motor far. My bait wasn't in the water long and bendo! The line was singing off my Accurate 130. I had never fished from a chair before and was not really comfortable with it. I did battle the beast to leader estimated 500 pounds.  It was now 9am and we had our morning fish. Jamie said let's go have some fun. He anchored up on his herring net and started to chum. It didn't take long and we had ... Read More

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report, Tailing Redfish & Black Drum

days have been spent casting flies or light tackle at tailing redfish throughout the day. Try using a live shrimp, Riptide realistic shrimp, or live blue crabs of about four inches for some explosive strikes! As I said in my last report, staying quiet and stealthy is critical to success. The fish are very sensitive to noise or vibration when feeding in a mere 10-12 inches of water! Accurate ... Read More

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