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189 Results for "Accurate fishing"
Let Your Pilot Do the Steering

years have seen several autopilots introduced specifically for the small-boat market - with many features aimed directly at fishing boats - for single and multiple outboards, as well as inboard and I/O applications. What is an Autopilot? What is an autopilot? It's a device that connects to your hydraulic or electrical steering system and gathers input from sensors that give directions ... Read More

High-Tech Acceleration

-eight or spiral search pattern and your fish finder to locate the structure. "[Loran-C] still wasn't hugely accurate, though it was quite repeatable," says Simrad brand-marketing director Paul Comyns. "If you knew where a certain part of the wreck was, you could always go back to the same spot; it was an actual real position. "However, around dusk, it went a little haywire because ... Read More

to solving a lot of the fishing problems," Huhtala said. What came out of the forum, he said, was a consensus that the numbers of fish caught weren't being counted accurately, and neither were the numbers of fish caught accidentally and discarded while fishing for other species, called bycatch. This highlighted a need for an observer program, Huhtala said, where scientists would go on boats and collect ... Read More

; the Triple Crown painting from Steve Goione; a Furuno Sounder; special triple crown lures from Mold Craft, Ocean Waves Sunglasses, Evade T-shirts; and complimentary one-year subscriptions to Marlin and Sport Fishing magazines. The boat received a Pompanette flying gaff, lure pack from Pacific Trolling Gear, lure pack from Tormenter Lures, artistic gaff from Evade and an Accurate 130 reel from Finest Kind ... Read More

CURT GOWDY, Dies at 86

who have earned their reputations on the field, they are used quite accurately to describe the man behind the microphone and fly rod. His demanding schedule called upon to cover more major sports events than anyone in broadcasting history. It included coverage of an astounding 16 World Series, 12 Rose Bowls, nine Super Bowls, 16 MLB All-Star Games, eight Olympic Games and 24 NCAA Final Fours ... Read More

Troll Control

An inshore fisherman's guide to electric motors In the vast, open marshscape of my low-country Georgia home, redfish and trout find thousands of creeks, holes, oyster bars and oxbows in which to hold, hunt and hang. Bay boats and trolling motors have revolutionized this region's fishing as much as high-tech depth ... Read More

version ofthe 7-foot Power Stick. The fast tip delivers accurate casting andstrength to control fish at the boat; the 7-foot length keeps linesclear of outboard engines and bow pulpits without becoming unwieldyon small boats. Whatever the choice of tackle, reels should carry a minimum of20-pound-test monofilament. I stick with traditional mono sincesuperbraids have a disturbing tendency to tie ... Read More

Weed-Line Wizards

Experts provide 13 great hints for fishing these floating blue-water buffets We were headed  back in when, still in blue water, we came to a [sargassum] weed line 30 to 40 feet wide that must have stretched 10 miles or more. We could see plenty of bait. So we put out a five-line spread and immediately boated four ... Read More

Tailing Sails

- it's going to happen," I said. The words weren't out of my mouth when eight sailfish came tailing down-sea, right at us, just 20 feet from the boat. Evans wound in the baits and I spun the boat to chase the wolf pack. As we pulled alongside, Evans' accurate cast dropped a live bait 10 feet in front of the lead fish. A 7-foot, 60-pounder threw up its dorsal fin, lit up electric-blue and began ... Read More

Reds on the Fly

with offerings fished near bottom. Do you need world-class casting skill to catch reds with a fly outfit? As with any other tackle, the better you cast, the more opportunities you'll get. But if you can get the fly out there 50 feet or so - and do it with reasonable quickness and accuracy - you'll catch plenty of redfish. Presenting and Finessing the Fly Once in casting range of a redfish, an accurate ... Read More

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