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Let States Manage Red Snapper, Scientist Says

. Let states manage stocks of red snapper and other non-migratory fish off their shores. That’s the basic message in an op-ed piece by Dr. Bob Shipp, chairman of the Dept. of Marine Sciences at the University of South Alabama and a 16-year member of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. (Shipp is also a long-time Fish Facts expert for Sport Fishing magazine.) Published June 3 ... Read More

Heart-Pounding Video: Tagging a 1,200-Pound Mako Shark

that the Strike Zone crew has been fishing for sharks for 10 years in tournaments and charters, so they possess the experience to accurately estimate the size of a mako. If that's not enough, the video offers evidence. By the way, the Strike Zone crew is not without past transgressions. In years gone by, they have killed their fair share of big makos. In fact, it was the killing of a big ... Read More

Fish Accounting 101: Are the Feds Right?

of the numbers go up, some go down, and some stay about the same. But many anglers quickly questioned just how accurate the new calculation method could be – an important concern given that just about everyone doubted everything about the previous system. For years, the feds used the Marine Recreational Fishing Statistics Survey — or MRFSS (prounounced MURFS ) — to count the catch of fish from ... Read More

Bluefin Trevallies Attack Bait in Amazing Video

is probably accurate. They’re small fish, maybe in the 5- to 10-pound range. The beauty of this video, however, is the bait. Watch how it magically pours away from the marauders in perfect unison. Then watch how it stacks tight just behind the fish to avoid the danger zone. At one point, it almost appears as if the bait is trying to forcibly push the fish out of the school. Of course, all that turns ... Read More

Tighter California Limits Aim to Protect Populations of Saltwater Bass

New Bass Limits Irk Some Anglers, Please Others Check this box to hide this item in search results. News that the California Fish and Game Commission (FGC) voted last week to tighten the size and bag limits for kelp bass, barred sand bass and spotted sand bass has sparked the ire of passenger sport-fishing ... Read More

Strange Bedfellows Can Make for Good Fisheries Management

Deep Thoughts Fisheries management is an inherently difficult process. Obtaining timely and accurate biological and catch data can be challenging enough. Then there’s dealing with the major stakeholder groups that oftentimes have differing opinions on how a fishery should ... Read More

 Release of Gigantic Blue Marlin Off Bermuda Caught on Video

what a dead grander marlin looks like, a few of us from having seen one hanging upside down from a gantry or scale, an end most degrading for one of the world’s greatest and most magnificent predators. Many more of us have seen “dead hangers” on the internet or in magazines (though not Sport Fishing)  for many, many years. On the other hand, we have had the chance to see few huge marlin caught ... Read More

A Very Personal Secret to Sight Fishing

Check this box to hide this item in search results. Like most anglers, I enjoy sight casting to fish — an activity fraught with nervous excitement and even anxiety, but full of soul-mending gratification. To properly sight cast, an angler needs good vision aided by properly polarized sunglasses. I thought I had both. Turns out I didn’t. During ... Read More

A New Era is Emerging for Collection of Recreational Catch Data

Statistical Survey, or MRFSS. MRFSS estimated recreational catch data by two primary means: 1) Angler intercepts at likely locations such as docks, piers and ramps; and 2) Phone calls. Both of these methods had issues. First, NMFSS and state agencies did not have nearly enough personnel to adequately cover recreational fishing locations. Think about it. How many times have you been talked to by a state ... Read More

Don't Kill the Golden Goose

, which took effect years ago. The other story on the local NBC website focused on an estimated 900-pound mako shark brought in to Marina del Rey . (The fish broke the scale, so getting an accurate weight was not possible.) Interestingly, these stories brought to light the opposite ends of shark fisheries management -- one highly regulated, the other virtually unregulated -- and I ... Read More

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