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17 Results for "Accurate fishing"

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Video: Cool Miami Boat Show Stuff

Cool Miami Boat Show stuff, including: Cobia 344 electrically actuated bow table, Boston Whaler Dauntless 270 "Swim Patio", New Contender 24 Sport, New Accurate spinning reel. Check this box to hide this item in search results ... Read More

Online Services for Anglers

Online fishing services aid anglers in studying their quarry Check this box to hide this item in search results. Check this box to hide this article from the home page channel ... Read More

Prep Your Tow Vehicle

 boat. Don’t guess when it comes to weight. Take your boat and trailer — loaded with fuel and gear, as it would be for a fishing trip — to a certified scale for an accurate weight. Check the rating of the vehicle hitch and tow ball to ensure these components will also handle the weight. Vehicle Prep Once you have the right vehicle, adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule, which might ... Read More

Six Ways to Customize Displays

Expert tricks to help you set up your chart plotter, fish finder and radar screens Check this box to hide this article from the home page channel. The unfortunate reality is that few of us can afford to spend half the time that's needed to learn even ... Read More

Learn how to enjoy nighttime boating and fishing safely Picking a needle out of a haystack." "Driving a backcountry road without any headlights." "Walking around the block blindfolded." These represent just a few of the responses from weekend boaters when asked, "Why not run your boat at night?" Certainly, safely ... Read More

Working the Weather

How you can do every bit as good a job forecasting as the TV experts Once upon a time, not all that long ago, the best you could expect regarding weather prediction to help plan your fishing was a combination of supernatural or physiological phenomena (the knee/elbow/fingers you blew out in high school ache when bad ... Read More

Responsibly Running Shallow

shallower in a week or two. Learn to read the various bottoms. Know the difference between grass, sand and solid. Learn how to ­accurately read the depth at a glance, ­remembering that in clear, shallow water, the appearance of depth can be very deceptive. Darker water often means deeper water. If you see a bird standing on a flat, chances are good you shouldn't go there. 4. Patience Though ... Read More

The Handheld Chart Plotter Comes of Age

of sight, and rarely will you have to worry about space or exposure to water, spray, rain, etc., because handhelds are at least waterproof if not submersible. The economical price of these units frees up your budget for other gear significant to your fishing, such as a higher quality sounder or a radar unit. Can a handheld replace a full-size unit? Sure, if you only use your chart plotter to mark ... Read More

Let Your Pilot Do the Steering

years have seen several autopilots introduced specifically for the small-boat market - with many features aimed directly at fishing boats - for single and multiple outboards, as well as inboard and I/O applications. What is an Autopilot? What is an autopilot? It's a device that connects to your hydraulic or electrical steering system and gathers input from sensors that give directions ... Read More

High-Tech Acceleration

-eight or spiral search pattern and your fish finder to locate the structure. "[Loran-C] still wasn't hugely accurate, though it was quite repeatable," says Simrad brand-marketing director Paul Comyns. "If you knew where a certain part of the wreck was, you could always go back to the same spot; it was an actual real position. "However, around dusk, it went a little haywire because ... Read More

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