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Picking a Conventional Fishing Reel

midsize-conventional-opener.jpg Midsize Conventional Reel Photos Check this box to enable Social Media Sharing links. (Rigs and tips, Techniques, Accurate Fishing Products, bait fishing, bottom fishing, chunking, Daiwa, drift fishing ... Read More

Top Offshore Spinning Reels

thumb Offshore Spinning Reels Check this box to enable Social Media Sharing links. (Bait Fishing, Lure Fishing, Rigs and tips, Spinning Reels, Accurate Fishing Products, bait fishing, Daiwa, Fin-Nor, jigging, offshore fishing, Okuma ... Read More

Here's a simple way to find out the braided-line capacity of your various reels after just one line change... Braided lines offer significant advantages over monofilament for many fishing situations, though these lines cost at least three times more than mono. Because of the cost difference, anglers can usually ... Read More

Reel Maintenance 101

Secrest of Accurate Fishing Products shows a quick-tip on how to perform basic Boss Extreme reel maintenance. Accurate Fishing Reels No How to reel ... Read More

Record Quest

on an IGFA-certified scale either on solid land or from a firmly fixed structure attached to land, such as a dock. “Weighing a fish on a boat won’t work,” says Vitek. “If you’re bouncing around, you won’t get an accurate reading.” While scales must be certified, they can — and often are — certified after a catch is made, according to Vitek. In such cases, the angler generally mails the scale to IGFA ... Read More

12 Steps to Catching Trophy King Mackerel

. [Be sure to click through all the images in the gallery above.] Sometimes, just one fish can put you on top of the world. Nowhere does this ring truer than on the kingfish-­tournament circuit. In these events, each team is allowed to weigh in only one king mackerel per day of competition. And so, it’s the ­spectacular 50- to 60-pounders known as smokers that earn the impressive jackpots ... Read More

Choosing Pliers

stainless steel in a 440C grade,” says David Nilsen, co-owner of Accurate Fishing Products , which makes three models of Piranha pliers. “The cutters are heat-treated very hard to 60R (a Rockwell scale measurement that determines hardness). They’re like a knife blade. Then we coat the cutters and jaws with a Teflon impregnation, because stainless steel of that caliber is susceptible to minor ... Read More

Inside Two-Speed Reels

 customer. “There’s a place for a two-speed and a place for a one-speed,” explains Ben Secrest, vice president of sales and marketing at Accurate Fishing Products. “There’s no need for a two-speed for white seabass. Same goes for striped marlin and sailfish. They don’t pull hard enough. You want a two-speed for a fish that goes down and stays down, like amberjack, tunas and big halibut.” But even that logical ... Read More

Get a Grip!

that anglers may not use every trip, but will certainly appreciate when the need arises: a split-ring opener. Manufacturers of top-end reels such as Accurate, Alutecnos and Van Staal apply their metalworking experience toward crafting extraordinary fishing pliers. These tools cost from $135 to more than $200. What does that much cash buy? Most importantly, you get a precision tool with a useful life span ... Read More

Turning Points

makes as you retrieve lures and fight fish! Tackle manufacturers view handles as much more than simple add-ons to a reel. "We invest in research and innovation regarding handle lengths, configurations and grips because it's the part the angler touches and interacts with most," says Jeremy Sweet, reel product manager at Shimano.   The proper handle can make for an enjoyable angling experience ... Read More

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