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SoCal Lingcod Primer

, but a high-retrieve ratio helps you gather line back quickly when fishing deep. Two-speed lever-drag reels pay off when muscling a big lingcod. Bacon likes the Penn 16VSX two-speed lever drag, but similar reels such as the Accurate BX2-500 or Okuma Makaira 10II work exceptionally well in this quest. Ultimately, there are no dragons. Yet in the realm of deep reefs and wrecks of the Pacific, lingcod fill ... Read More

Lone Wolves of the Flats

at Accurate Fishing Products, suggests using spinning reels with a 6-to-1 gear ratio. But beyond that, it’s also important to engage the reel quickly at the very end of the cast. “You want to close the spool just before the lure hits the water,” Secrest says. “That way, as soon as it touches down, you’re tight and are retrieving. I learned this tuna fishing with plugs, but it applies to barracuda as well ... Read More

North Sea Halibut

pros: Washington-based John Beath ( ) and Californian Ben Secrest of Accurate Fishing Products. Among us we had fished halibut off Alaska, British Columbia and points south for years and caught dozens of big flatties. Given that, we were eager to compare this new fishery for the Atlantic species. Here are some of the high points on how sport fishing for Atlantic halibut (which ... Read More

've come to the conclusion that my catch very much resembles a shortbill spearfish. Please help me identify my fish so I can be accurate when I tell my "fish tales." - James E. Gallahan, Alex, Virginia A: You're right. Now you can brag about catching the rare shortbill spearfish, Tetrapturus angustirostris, as part of your grand slam. Occurring worldwide in warm surface waters, spearfish are usually ... Read More

version ofthe 7-foot Power Stick. The fast tip delivers accurate casting andstrength to control fish at the boat; the 7-foot length keeps linesclear of outboard engines and bow pulpits without becoming unwieldyon small boats. Whatever the choice of tackle, reels should carry a minimum of20-pound-test monofilament. I stick with traditional mono sincesuperbraids have a disturbing tendency to tie ... Read More

Tailing Sails

- it's going to happen," I said. The words weren't out of my mouth when eight sailfish came tailing down-sea, right at us, just 20 feet from the boat. Evans wound in the baits and I spun the boat to chase the wolf pack. As we pulled alongside, Evans' accurate cast dropped a live bait 10 feet in front of the lead fish. A 7-foot, 60-pounder threw up its dorsal fin, lit up electric-blue and began ... Read More

Reds on the Fly

with offerings fished near bottom. Do you need world-class casting skill to catch reds with a fly outfit? As with any other tackle, the better you cast, the more opportunities you'll get. But if you can get the fly out there 50 feet or so - and do it with reasonable quickness and accuracy - you'll catch plenty of redfish. Presenting and Finessing the Fly Once in casting range of a redfish, an accurate ... Read More

has an affinity for murky water, but every authority agrees that's accurate. True to the fish's mysterious nature, even the one attribute that seems to explain the white's apparent hunting prowess under conditions of poor visibility, doesn't hold up to scientific scrutiny. According to biologist Domeier, "The seabass' grunt seems to have a communication purpose, especially when whites ... Read More

; however much you like, you can control it more accurately by keeping lures closer to the boat. Hand-to-hand combat eliminates much of the stretch that plagues fishermen with long lengths of monofilament between them and striking fish, especially with 30- to 50-pound lines. I prefer very little drop-back because many fish that strike in close to the boat do so with lightning quickness. There's no time ... Read More