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Stronger Restrictions Placed on California Gill-Netters

will soon be possible. A promising new fishing technique called “deep-set buoy gear” that catches thresher sharks and swordfish more accurately is being tested. According to the Daily News , the council on Monday also directed the Highly Migratory Species Management Team to solicit proposals for experimental fishing permits in an effort to find new and creative ways to safely fish ... Read More

Tighter California Limits Aim to Protect Populations of Saltwater Bass

New Bass Limits Irk Some Anglers, Please Others Check this box to hide this item in search results. News that the California Fish and Game Commission (FGC) voted last week to tighten the size and bag limits for kelp bass, barred sand bass and spotted sand bass has sparked the ire of passenger sport-fishing ... Read More

Tagging Mako Sharks off Mexico

Harvey Research Institute (GHRI) at Nova Southeastern University , tagged mako sharks with the satellite reporting SPOT tags. Unlike the more commonly used pop-up satellite PAT tags, SPOT tags should provide multiple and more accurate daily detections, providing scientists with a high resolution view of the migration patterns of this animal. Given the high fishing pressure on makos ... Read More

Exclusive Interview: Obama Talks Fisheries

to have longer and more predictable seasons. Management based on sound science is the best way to strike a balance between those who rely on these waters today and those who will use them tomorrow. In order to achieve this balance, we are assessing fish stocks more frequently, consulting with fishermen and other local experts, and getting more accurate counts as a result. When science shows increases ... Read More

Charting a Course for Success: NOAA's Recreational Fisheries Initiative

An op-ed from NOAA administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco Check this box to hide this article from the home page channel. While a large portion of fisheries management attention has traditionally been directed to the business of commercial fishing, the last ... Read More

Five Fishery Bright Spots

Five U.S. success stories — fisheries that regained health through conservation Check this box to hide this article from the home page channel. In every corner of our continent, fish struggle against an onslaught of harvest, predation, habitat loss ... Read More

Back to Bluefin

combined with simultaneous side-scan sonar images of a school to accurately estimate both the size of the school and the size of the fish within it. “There is evidence of large numbers of fish, both giants and juveniles, in the northwest Atlantic.” Assuming compliance with ICCAT management objectives, Lutcavage says, “We’re confident in saying we don’t think bluefin tuna are on the edge of ... Read More

Q & A: Eric Schwaab - New Head of NMFS

This Sport Fishing newsmaker interview offers Mr. Schwaab the chance to share with the recreational-fishing community the philosophy and approach he brings to NMFS as its new chief... After 11 months with an interim chief at the helm of the National Marine Fisheries Service, Eric Schwaab was named to that position ... Read More