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May 09, 2011

Jim Hendricks

Sport Fishing Mag
Putting Great White Sharks on the Endangered Species List Might Spell the End of Gill Nets
Sport Fishing Mag
Scientists Have Discovered How Squid Fly Above the Ocean Surface
Sport Fishing Mag
Study Indicates that 84 Percent of Fish Labeled as "White Tuna" is Actually Escolar
Sport Fishing Mag
Three new joystick-steering systems for outboards simplify docking and improve control
Sport Fishing Mag
Certain Species Show Greater Numbers and Size in MPAs, While Others Have Declined in Population Compared to Surrounding Areas
Sport Fishing Mag
Opening weekend of Southern California's rockfish season offers fast action and spectacular weather.
Sport Fishing Mag
Suzuki says it is working on a factory joystick steering system for its outboards
Sport Fishing Mag
Each spring, an invasion force charges the coast of Southern California brandishing rapiers and murderous ­intentions. They’re not pirates. They’re thresher sharks, descending on Pacific shores to slash, feed and, in some instances, bear young.
Sport Fishing Mag
Can barred sand bass and kelp bass cross-breed? If they did, here's what their offspring might look like.
Shark ban off Washington state
Changes restrict even catch-and-release fishing for sevengill, sixgill and thresher sharks.
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