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May 09, 2011

Fred Contaoi

Create a tough shock leader using a modified Bimini twist knot.
Light-tackle anglers can always use a little cushion at the end of their main line to absorb shock during fights with fish. I've found a way to attach terminal tackle or heavy-mono shock leaders to main lines as light as 6-pound test. Begin by tying a Bimini twist in the main line, forming at least 15 inches of double line. Cut the end of the loop, twist the two strands of mono together and tie an overhand at the end to keep them from unraveling. Make an end loop by doubling the line and wrapping the tag end back toward the Bimini.
By doubling up on small jig-heads, you can toss your offerings farther without sacrificing delicate presentation or changing the lures' sink rate.