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May 09, 2011

Doug Olander

this article dose not go w/this issue,please delete
We fishermen have seldom been renowned for our candor when it comes to describing where or how we catch our fish. In fact, we tend to keep downright closed-mouthed, going out of our way to avoid sharing hot info over the VHF.
Welcome to Face Off, where hot topics of interest and importance to anglers are debated by two key players, each arguing his or her side of the issue. Each player will then rebut the points made by his or her opponent. Both advocates are allowed the same amount of space, and procedures are in place to ensure complete fairness. Since I am one of the advocates in this Face Off, editor-in-chief Doug Olander served as the column's editor to ensure the fair enforcement of all rules. - Doug Kelly, editor This issue's Face Off topic addresses a major controversy.
While blue-water action here can be good all year, spring and early summer offer the best action for the widest variety of game fish. During these months, an angler can expect to tangle not only with billfish (blue marlin, white marlin and sails) but tuna - yellowfin, blackfin and perhaps even some bluefin. Enormous schools of blackfin along the edge of the Wall can turn depth sounders black. Wahoo fishing gets hot later during the fall, and continues good throughout the winter months. Reef fishing can also be productive when a change of pace appeals.
Contrary to popular belief, Panama has two coastlines of very fishable water.
It sounds like we ended up with fish boxes full of wahoo. Wrong. In fact, after keeping a few, we began doing something I've seldom run into in my travels: We actually released many wahoo and tuna on this trip. That struck me as one indication of how new a concept sport fishing is here.
It's not a new analogy, but it sure works: A farmer keeps all his chickens in eight henhouses. He appoints a committee to look after the well-being of each henhouse. Soon, every time he checks, he counts fewer and fewer chickens in the houses. He says to his wife, "I just can't figure it out. All the foxes on those committees promised me that their first priority would be keeping the chickens healthy." The major responsibility for shaping the management and conservation of our coastal fish stocks for the entire nation rests with the eight fishery management councils (FMC).
Find five-star fishing just minutes outside of this five-star city.
Your honor, the prosecution calls as its next witness the very angler who's responsible for the hole in the lip of my client here." "Counsel, please wipe the glass of that aquarium so we can see your client more clearly. Thank you." Meanwhile, I take the stand and swear to tell the truth. "Now, sir. It is our claim that your hook caused my client pain and suffering. Do you disagree?" "I don't know, ma'am.
Take advantage of tripletail, the ocean's most unlikely game fish.
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