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May 09, 2011

Doug Olander

Sport Fishing Mag
Pictures from a recent trip to Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica.
Sport Fishing Mag
There’s no doubt that the internet is an immeasurably vast storehouse of knowledge on everything in the universe — and more! That certainly includes fishing. Recently, my daily news alerts have featured webicles that are chock full of advice bound to make anyone a better fisherman. Or not. Either way, I feel it’s worth sharing some of this insight, here.
Sport Fishing Mag
Anyone who follows this blog space at all must know that I am passionate about trying to save the Gulf of Mexico’s phenomenal, unique and magnificent vertical system of living coral reefs from destruction at the bidding of our federal Department of the Interior.
Sport Fishing Mag
We owe it to our kids and theirs and all future generations of anglers
Sport Fishing Mag
Establishing what is very likely a record for one angler, Vic Gaspeny landed his 200th swordfish off Islamorada last week.
Sport Fishing Mag
I have this theory that bringing your blood to the boiling point is probably a good thing now and then, just to clean out the clots. So in the sense of promoting cardiovascular hygiene, I offer, below, a commentary by Faith Salie on CBS Sunday Morning, entitled “Why Do Men Love Fishing?”
tripletail art
Real fish skeletons provide the inspiration for great art
Salt Water Sportsman
Go beyond the rigs. How to fish the Gulf’s open-water structure like an expert.
Sport Fishing Mag
An icon in the world of big-game fishing and one of Australia's best-known anglers and tackle innovators passed away this week.
Sport Fishing Mag
A couple out for a quiet day of salmon fishing off southwestern Vancouver Island took a very brief and harrowing ride atop a gray whale.
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