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May 09, 2011

By Chuck Richardson

I've developed a weedless bait rig that combats the problem and offers several other advantages.
Expert Advice On Choosing and Using the Right Leader
The following manufacturers offer a selection of wind-on leaders constructed from monofilament, fluorocarbon and cable in a variety of strengths.Braid to 400-pound mono)Calcutta to 400-pound mono)Izorline310-324-1159(20- to 500-pound mono; 20- to 300-pound fluorocarbon; custom-made available)Offshore to 600-pound mono; 30- to 400-pound fluoro
1. You'll need 42 inches of Dacron to make a 12-inch double splice (see table to match Dacron to leader strength). With a tight half-hitch, secure a rubber band around the Dacron at the halfway point. Double over a piece of single-strand wire at least 48 inches long, making a tight loop with a pair of pliers. Feed the looped end of the wire into one end of the Dacron, carefully pushing until you reach the rubber band. At this point, push the wire loop out the side of the Dacron. Put the other end of the Dacron through the wire loop.
With time, patience and the right materials, you can make your own wind-on leaders. Most anglers, however, prefer to buy them. Differences among commercially available wind-on leaders include the brand of leader material, type of splice (single or double), total length of splice, type of serving at the leader-to-Dacron (or Spectra) juncture and size of loop.1. Look for leader material and brand of your preference, such as Jinkai, Momoi or Ande.
Use this guide to select appropriate Dacron for splicing different sizes of leader material.• 200-pound Dacron works well with 400-, 500- or 600-pound mono and 480-, 600- or 920-pound cable.• 130-pound Dacron works well with 200-, 250- or 300-pound mono and 400-pound cable.• 80-pound Dacron works well with 150- or 175-pound mono and 275-pound cable.• 50-pound Dacron works well with 80-, 100- or 130-pound mono and 17-pound cable.• 30-pound Dacron works well with 50- or 60-pound mono.Due to ultra-thin diameters even at high pound-test ratings, br