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May 09, 2011

Albia Dugger

Waterspouts are normally weaker than tornados.
The dog-tail tuna has no scales from the pelvic fin to the tail.
Can a marlin and a sailfish successfully mate? and what are the chances of it really happening?
Bigheaded carp get forced into saltwater enviroments after heavy rainfall.
Current plans to rebuild migratory fish are insufficient.
Q: I'm interested in the wreckfish pictured in a recent Sport Fishing article on deepwater fishing (November/ December 1997). What exactly is a wreckfish? Is it a type of cod, or is it a local name for a more unusual species? Are they found only in the Atlantic, or can we find them in the Pacific as well? - Tony Pauker, Santa Monica, CaliforniaA: The wreckfish (Polyprion americanus) is a temperate bass of the family Percichthyidae, along with relatives that include striped bass of the U.S. Atlantic coast and giant sea bass of the California-Baja coasts.
Get to know some of the oceans' deepest points.
Sailfish have internal defenses against foreign bodies that get caught in thier digestive systems.
Many game fish can exist in fresh and salt water.
Although these pint-sized fish might look like a bill, they better suited as bait.
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