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January 27, 2012

Photo Guidelines and Policies

Guidelines and suggestions for photography contributions to Sport Fishing


Sport Fishing magazine continues to emphasize the finest saltwater fishing photography to be found in any magazine. Much of that comes from freelance professionals.

Sport Fishing's payment schedule (We normally secure All Rights.):
(Second rate listed is for stop-action/aerial/underwater images)

Cover  —  $1,000 ($1,200)

2-Page Spread  —  $350 ($400)

1+ Page  —  $250 ($300)

Full Page  —  $200 ($250)

1/2+ Page  —  $150 ($200)

1/2 Page  —  $125 ($175)

1/3 Page  —  $100 ($125)

Spot (less than 1/3)  —  $75 ($100)

Sequential photos no larger than spot size are paid at the rate of $200 per page.

Payment is processed when an issue has shipped to the printer, and usually sent out in 30 to 60 days. Payment is normally issued to the photographer credited on the image; if any other payment arrangement is to be honored, you must state clearly: ''payment to: _________.'' Please note that Sport Fishing does NOT pay research or shipping fees without prior approval.

Acceptable Formats
We prefer that you send digital images. If you want us to have the option to run images very large, please send RAW files  —  along with lo-rez JPGs for quick review. These can be uploaded to our FTP site by arrangement or simply sent on CD. We will also use JPGs if sharp but note that the maximum size will be determined by the image size at 300 dpi. PLEASE DO NOT ALTER IN ANY WAY ORIGINAL DIGITAL FILES  —  send us undoctored images; our art director and prepress professionals will make such adjustments if/as necessary. CDs with digital images should be marked clearly with photographer and content info; if possible include a color hardcopy with thumbnails.

We can and do use prints but not often and not by preference. If the use of print film precludes slides, prints can be used  —  always best if they're at least 8X10 and high quality. Alternatively the negatives can be sent; we can scan from those.

Return Policy
It remains our fundamental goal to review and send out slides not selected within a few days of receipt. We do not ordinarily hold photos at all unless we have a projected possible use. A tracking sheet will be included with images returned showing which slides are being kept and for what purpose.

If we call and request photography quickly, we'll reimburse for shipping. (We ship back via FedEx Saver.) Sport Fishing cannot be responsible for images once in the possession of FedEx or other carriers.

Over-the-Transom Submissions
When in doubt, e-mail it. We're always happy to review images, whether solicited or unsolicited (and since we won't hold those for which we see no specific, possible use, there's little to lose and much to gain).

Don't hesitate to check with us any time you have any general or specific questions about photo needs, submissions or payment. We prefer e-mail, but will take calls/faxes if e-mail is not possible.